Kola Kenda, The Brew of Green Goodness

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‘Kola kenda’ is one of those Sri Lankan preparations that you were force-fed as a child with your mother holding the cane over you. Next, you forced yourself to drink it in your teens because you wanted long, flowing, Disney princess-like tresses. When you reached adulthood, you finally came to appreciate it in all its goodness. At least that was my experience with the herbal gruel.
A form of herbal congee or gruel that aids in digestion, is packed with nutrients, health benefits and is ideally taken in the morning, ‘kola kenda’ dates back to ancient times and was consumed by Buddhist monks as a form of sustenance. Over time, the herbal porridge became more sought after as a food item and since then has nourished many hungry Sri Lankans each day, being one of the healthiest and energy-giving breakfast options that can be found in the country today. Although ‘Kola kenda is one of the most sought-after local preparations, little is known about its origin. The herbal porridge was initially used to cure diseases and various leaves with different medicinal properties were added, depending on the ailment being treated.
There is also a very high possibility that, back in ancient times, each area had different recipes depending on the native plants growing in that particular geographical location. ‘Kola kenda’ may have originated as a medicinal preparation, but the basic recipe retained its staple ingredients of red rice, coconut milk, water, garlic and salt.

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