World Food Day 2020: Food for Life

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As World Food Day on the 16th of October draws closer, let us take a moment to be grateful for the food that made its way to us throughout the lockdown while the world was in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic. With limited access to the food we usually enjoyed, many of us realised the value of food and are now more mindful of how much we consume.
Everyone is making attempts to grow various kinds of produce (even the folks who had never touched a garden spade previously!) and with the memories of those long queues still fresh in everybody’s mind, no one will ever keep meagre food stocks in their homes anymore. However, numerous people were not so lucky: some went hungry and others went through hard times to put a meal on the table for themselves and their families. With that sobering thought, have we paused to consider the extent of food wastage that still occurs both in Sri Lanka and around the world?
World Food Day originated in November 1979 when it was established by the member countries of the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) of the United Nations. It was initiated with the aim of raising awareness of global issues caused by poverty and hunger. Each year, the FAO has adopted various themes to highlight areas that especially need to be addressed on a global scale.
This year, World Food Day is no ordinary one as we realise the significance of better food management after seeing drastic changes in the food supply chain during the global pandemic. The theme “Food Heroes” honour the importance of people such as farmers, vendors and other food workers who found themselves on the frontlines during a global disaster and rose to the occasion with aplomb.

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